Healing Anger – Mindset Monday

You can’t develop a lightness of character without healing anger, so let’s get rid of that pronto….

It’s Mindset Monday peeps. Drew Canole we’re in this together.

In order to eradicate anger we must first have to understand where it is coming from.

ALL ANGER comes from feeling like you are losing something. It’s the Ego’s way of dealing
with loss or the thoughts of an impending loss.

When the ego has it’s importance wrapped up in material things, when those things are
taken away it perceives it as an attack.

If a thief steals your stereo you stare loonily at the spot where the stereo used to be, having
a weepathon.

Instead I encourage you to simply say, O’ I see they came for the stereo and start to whistle your
favorite tune.

About 5 years ago, I took all my employees out to lunch a few of them needed a ride so
we all piled in my car… we had an amazing lunch, filled with conversation and I thought
meaningful relationship building.

The next day, I realized one of them had stolen something from me.

I had an ipod in my back seat and when the very next day I recognized it was gone. Someone
had stole it.

At first I became enraged… wondering who would do this.

The ipod was part of me. I met with a mentor the next day he told me
“Drew – maybe they needed it more then you.”

This stuck with me.

The ipod was never mine. Nothing material is. I’m just given’ the gift of watching over it.

Also, many people are angry at the very thought of loss. Even though the majority of the time
the loss never happens.

One time I was driving and in a rush I accidentally ran into a large truck. IT dented the front end
of my car. At first I was upset. I just moved and my I didn’t have insurance. This was a long time

BUT, held to the truth… that all things work out perfectly. Maybe there was a reason for it. Sounds
a little woo woo. I didn’t have insurance at the time and knew that the universe would mold itself
if I just maintained a positive expectant state of flow.

My only job was to maintain this high level of frequency.

Sure enough the very next day, I got a call from a potential new client. He needed my help, I asked
him what he did for a living….

His response….

Car Dude: “I own a body shop.”

Presto – the car was fixed that week. Nothing out of my pocket.

I’m not encouraging anyone to drive dirty. lol.

I’m sure you’ve had mysterious experiences like this too fitlifer. If you haven’t I encourage you to
start viewing the world through the eyes of a child. All is perfect. Even when things seem tough to
handle, claim this truth.

I chuckle over people who lose something and are still talking about it a year to a decade later.

They become imprisoned to their own ego.

So next time someone says. You have caused me anger, or I’m upset – what they usually mean is

I perceive that you have caused me some type of loss.

The best response to an angry person is to simply walk away. Don’t be the mind that responds.

If you feel you absolutely must talk it out. Simply say to the person. I understand you feel hurt and
angry but don’t understand why you think I should be responsible for your reactions.

For me to better understand you – why don’t you explain to me what you’ve lost.

Once you understand that all anger is loss or perceived loss you can squash it before it gets worse.

All anger comes from loss or perceived loss.

All loss is a security issue.

All security issues are manifestations of the ego.

Understand that and most anger disappears into the native nothingness to whence it was born.

- After thought – what does this have to do with weight loss. If you are angry your cells are angry
If your cells are worried about losing something they will hold onto everything…

Release your angry and free yourself from the extra baggage you are carrying.

Until next week.

Remember, were in this together.


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