Goal Setting – 5 Tips And Tools

The 5 Tools and Tips Drew goes over in this Mindset Monday are:

1) Vision Board – He uses Jack Canfield’s program for this. You can put sticky notes and other things that motivate and inspire you. To get Jack’s board (Click 


2) Sticky notes, you can get these guys anywhere and they should be placed everywhere.

3) Applications – the particular app I was talking about is located at http://www.43things.com It’s a complimentary service.

4) Affirmation Station – There is an older video I made, located Here.

5) Finally, get your friends involved. One of the biggest things you can do is share your experience with your biggest fans. Check out the Zack Childress video of him sharing with his friends.  Discover, how he has now lost almost 70 pounds!

You can see it in Zacks face that he will hit the goal. So far he has lost 70 pounds. What are you going to do, to hit your goals.

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We’re in this together,


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